Security Safety Service Solution

S4 Security Safety Service Solution


Security Safety Service Solution is the best security service provider to all kind of businesses.

We offer a wide range of services, such a Bodyguard, Premises Static Security Guards, Maritime Security Operators.
Any Time and Any Where we can respond to any of your security needs and provide you with the best solution.

Your success is our priority.

About Us

S4 - the company managed by the expat mixed team, sharing Western and Eastern Security Business experience.

Located in Thailand, we employ the agents with a proven experience and high standard background.

Envolved in various businesses, our mission is to satisfy our clients demands and respect all criteria in order to complete the business goal.

Our Services

We provide:

Security Guards
All possible static security solutions: from corporate and retail premises to constructions and industrial sites
Bodyguard services
All range of personal protection custom-made services worldwide, including hostile environment close protection services.
Maritime Security
Vessel protection services and consulting internationally, including the Far East, Gulf of Aden and West Africa Coast.
Safety Management and Consulting
Occupational Safety and Health at both - the corporate and industrial environments